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The classic Flying Pigeon bicycles are the PA02 and PA-06 for gentlemen and PB-13 for ladies. These are one of the most iconic symbols of old China (the sturdy, gearless black bicycle ridden by the masses).

Both are a work of art in its simplicity, conceived as working machines that were meant to last a lifetime.

They are indestructible, all-steel single speed colossus with 28-inch wheels, fenders, a fully covered chain, sprung real leather saddle, a rear rack and push-rod brakes (a handlebar lever connects directly to the brake pads), double stand (PA06) or side stand (PB13).

Like Ford's Model T, they are only available in one colour, black, except for the flare of vanilla at the fender tips.

They have a full steel bar frame and are elegantly finished, strong built and light running. They can be equipped with a dynamo lighting set or a smart basket with chromed stand, among others.

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